The DAHÜ Challenge

Since our very beginning, our goal has been to offer people living with a physical disability the chance to flourish. We have now expanded our scope and combined this objective with that of wanting to raise awareness of the daily challenges faced by an individual living with a physical disability.

Our ambition has led us to create a team building activity entitled “The dahü Challenge”. A dahü is a wheelchair specially designed for mountainous terrain. Its movement requires the involvement of a team of 2 to 6 people, including the person sitting in the dahü.

The team members must inevitably establish excellent communication between themselves and particularly with the person with reduced mobility in the dahü. The latter is the only one who can guide the team to ensure safe travel in order to reach their common goal, the top of the mountain!  Teamwork and communication are the key words in this activity.

All team members emerge from this activity with the tremendous satisfaction of a mission accomplished.  Notably with a great lesson of courage, confidence and respect, passed on among others by the person in the dahü.